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Resolute Bay Inuit Art

The Qausuittuq Inn
in Resolute Bay

The Qausuittuq Inn

The Qausuittuq Inn

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Local Inuit Art

Resolute Bay artists produce:
  • carvings in stone,
  • carvings in ivory
  • bone jewelry

Many artists display their work at the Tudjaat Co-op

Dora was born in 1943 in Inukjuak, in northern Quebec. She learned how to sew from her mother, and she learned beading on her own. She learned how to knit and crochet by looking at other people's work. She makes beautiful beaded placemats and wallhangings of many colours. The beading gives her lots of happiness in life.




Delicate Crocheting

Crocheting by Dora Pudluk

Artist Dora Pudluk


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