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North Pole Quests

The Qausuittuq Inn
in Resolute Bay

The Qausuittuq Inn

The Qausuittuq Inn

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The North Pole attracts adventurers from around the world. The North Pole remains the ultimate polar challenge.

Arctic adventurers have

  • walked
  • dogsled
  • cross country skied

to the North Pole. There have been solo journeys, expeditions and even a couple who skied to the North Pole.

Some adventurers travel to the Magnetic North Pole. The Magnetic North Pole is the location to where compasses point from virtually every place on the planet.

You can also reach the North Pole by plane from Resolute Bay. Contact us for more information on North Pole Quests.

North Pole Quests
Cross country skiing on a North Pole Expedition

Polar Expedition
Approaching the North Pole

North Pole Facts

  • The sun is always overhead from Spring to Fall regardless of the hour of the day or night you arrive for the sun only rises once each year and sets once a year at the Pole
  • All lines of longitude meet at this point. You can walk around the world in only a few steps
  • Revisit yesterday as you pass through all the time zones of the world
  • Every direction you face is South and all winds blow South

North Pole Webcam

The North Pole Webcam- click here to see the latest image.


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