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Resolute Bay Outfitters

The Qausuittuq Inn
in Resolute Bay

The Quasuittuq Inn

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Local Outfitters

The outfitters in Resolute Bay can arrange many sea and land adventures including:

  • trips to Ellesmere Island National Park
  • zodiac tours to Beechey Island
  • North pole quests
  • survival training


Collection of Antlers

Dog-Sled Team

Dog Sledding near Resolute Bay

Scenic Devon Island

Devon Island near Resolute Bay

Resolute Bay Outfitters

Resolute Bay Hunters and Trappers Organization for local information about the land, country foods, outfitting

Phone: 867-252-3170

Inuktitut Outfitting for sight seeing, camping, history, touring

Phone: 867-252-3174

Nanuk Outfitting Ltd. for big game sport hunting, outfitting

Phone: 867-252-3694


High Arctic International Explorer Services for outfitting, arctic clothing for winter travel, XBS radio rentals, day trips and travel in the high arctic

Phone: 867-252-3875

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